Vulnerable Love

 The one who sees me most clearly is the one who loves me most deeply.
Over the past few weeks this message has been appearing in front of me again and again. Isn’t it amazing how God teaches us by orchestrating events to reveal a truth again and again? We miss things so easily, but God repeats himself over and over until we finally get it.
So what does this statement mean? The one who sees me most clearly is the one who loves me most deeply?
At heart, it is a description of God’s love. We can all love the people we like. It’s fun to hang out with friends and family, take selfies, and post about how much we love them. What about when we realize one of our friends has a problem with selfishness? Is unreliable? Talks about us behind our back? Or, hasn’t showered in 3 days? Can we love them even when we see them clearly as fallen human beings?
God does. When we love the people we see clearly, despite their shortcomings, we show them a little of God’s love.
What does this mean for the beloved?
Deep love abounds when we let others love us even though we are messed up. That’s scary. That’s vulnerability. We all have faults, and no one wants to put them on display for others to see. Yet, are we handicapping the demonstration of God’s love by keeping ourselves hidden? Are we excluding ourselves from the wonder of deep love with walls of strength?
Maybe. To be loved most deeply, we must let others see us most clearly.
Let’s stop stifling the power of God’s love in each other. Let’s love deeply even though we see clearly. Let’s allow ourselves to be seen clearly so we can be loved deeply.
For more on this, check out Brene Brown’s video about vulnerability: