Jesus is the Answer – Now, What is the Question?

Why do we so often forget Jesus in our lives?  We go to church, we are good people, and we call ourselves Christians.  We even realize the idea behind the word “Christian” is to allow Jesus into every facet of our lives, but do we live this?

Morality without Jesus is not Christianity, and it certainly isn’t salvation.  We know this, but do we act on it?

When we mess up, do we respond with the thought that even though we were wrong, the blood of Jesus has already covered our mistake?  When other people mess up, do we respond with the thought that even though they were wrong, the blood of Jesus has already covered their mistake?

When we are faced with the stress of a difficult job, or an impossible budget, do we remember that we deserved death and Jesus gave us life?  Every problem pales in comparison to this, and if the power of Jesus is enough to save us from death, it is enough to get us through the life he has given.

The answer to every situation we will ever encounter is Jesus.  God reveals Himself to us in Jesus – through the Bible and the Holy Spirit – everything we need is in Him.  The Gospel covers all.

God has provided us with the answer to the human problem.  From the most minuscule, to the most horrific, His answer is universal.  Jesus is the answer – now, what is the question?

For more on this, check out Gospel Fluency by Jeff Vanderstelt on YouTube:


4 of the Best Things About Heaven

How do you imagine heaven?  When someone mentions the word, what pops into your mind?  What is the one thing that makes heaven what it is?   If I had to pick one qualifying factor, I would say that heaven is where God is.  It is the presence of God and the absence of evil, but it is also more than that.  Here are 4 of the craziest and best things about heaven.

!) There will be food in heaven (Matthew 8:11).  I do not know about you, but I enjoy food.  A lot.  Good food can build relationships, make a bad day good, heal sickness, and encourage the heart.  Can you imagine how good the food will be in heaven?  Think of the best thing you have ever eaten.  Now, multiply that by 10-ish times.  Maybe that is how good food will be in heaven – fresh, wonderful, healthy, and made with love.

2) Heaven will include a new Earth (Revelation 21:1).  Have you ever thought about wanting to experience as many of the beautiful things on Earth as you can?  I want to see the waterfalls, hike the mountains, sail the oceans, explore the cities, and bask in the history.  The awesome news is God will create a new Earth and it will have all of these things in heaven!  We don’t need to worry about missing out on seeing the world during our lives because we will have an eternity to explore the new Earth.  It will be beyond all of our dreams.

3) In heaven there will be no more pain (Revelation 21:4).  I know most of you have probably heard this before, but I want to take a minute to really think about what these words mean.  No pain.  No failure, no loneliness, no rejection, no inadequacy, no sickness, no separation, no confusion, no death, no loss, no distraction, no mistakes, no worry, no PAIN.  Take another look at that list.  Look back at it, and try to imagine your life without all of those things.  That is how heaven will be!

4) We will get to experience God first hand in heaven (Revelation 21:3).  Of course, we can experience God on Earth, but there will always be a form of separation until we are in heaven.  Imagine being right in front of God – not having to search Him out, or make your mind receptive to His voice.  God will be right there!  We will be able to praise Him, talk to Him, and hear from Him while being physically with Him.  What freedom!  What magnificence!

Even though these 4 things are incredible, they do not come close to scratching the surface of how great heaven will actually be.  There is so much more.  Christians need to focus on heaven and put our lives in perspective, so that we live everyday to the fullest and with the expectation of relief in heaven.  Heaven is coming soon.  Live your life for Jesus with the expectation of magnificent things to come!

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