All of us go through seasons in our relationship with the Lord. There are times when we feel as though Jesus is sitting in a chair right next to us and holding our hand. Other times it feels as though there is a massive wall between us and God. I would love to FEEL God holding my hand for every moment of my life, but I don’t.

These changeable feelings are often a result of life circumstances, distractions, and our own human hearts. But just because we don’t feel God, doesn’t mean He isn’t there. And it doesn’t necessarily mean we are doing something wrong.

God’s goal in shaping our lives is to make us more like Him. Sometimes this means He must help us learn to stand strong in the hard times. 

Think of it this way: a math teacher can’t give a student the answer, or even take the pencil from the student and show them how to do the problem every time. At some point, the teacher has to let the student try to do the problem themselves, or they will never learn how to do it. 

God is infinitely better than any human teacher. He has to let us learn so we can grow, but He would never leave us on our own.

I imagine Him secretly watching from just behind, His hands twisting behind His back as He tries to keep Himself from swooping in and saving the day. Now, that’s probably not theologically correct, but it’s a picture that I think can help us to understand God’s heart for His children. 

If you are going through a silent time, and you feel like God has never been farther away, remember this. He loves you. He cares for you. He is never too busy. He will never leave you. Keep your perspective focused on Him.

“When you don’t feel anything, God may be closer to you than ever before.” ~ Billy Graham