From Scripture to Dancing

The variety of ways Christians worship God is staggering!

If you’re like me, you probably haven’t thought about this fact much beyond deciding what other Christians do that you don’t think lines up with the Word of God. We decide, “Those Christians over there *insert denomination* aren’t worshipping right!”

What if we paused for a moment before deciding other types of Christian worship were wrong? There is a time for discussions over doctrine, and there are legitimate issues in worship when Christians need to be careful to follow the Word of God.

But what about the times when Christians are free to express their worship of God in innumerable ways, none of which are wrong? 

Here are a few examples of various Christian worship practices: singing, praying, playing instruments, observing communion, baptizing, evangelizing, dancing, painting, dressing formally, reading scripture, reading liturgies, reading poetry, performing dramas, discipling, and working.

What might those of us who have been used to a consistent type of Christian worship be able to learn by experiencing diverse types of worship? What might we learn about God by worshipping him in new ways? 

With this in mind, a group of friends and I have decided to spend the next several Sundays joining churches that worship in ways different from those we are comfortable with.

For our first Sunday, my friends and I visited St. John Chrysostom Episcopalian Church in Golden, Colorado. Look for the story of our experience there in the next few weeks!

Other Christian churches on our list include Episcopalian, Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran, Methodist, and Pentecostal. I know there will be times when I disagree with several of these denominations theologically, but more than the disagreements, I am excited to look for our similarities and ways that other churches worship well.

The fact that Christian worship can look so drastically different from what we are used to and still be Christian worship is fantastic. Praise Jesus for the worship we are familiar with, and praise Jesus for the worship we have never before experienced!

“My mouth is filled with your praise, O Lord, 
    and with your glory all the day.” Psalm 71:8



2 thoughts on “From Scripture to Dancing

  1. Some day in heaven we will all bow down together in worship at the foot of Jesus. There will be no distinction of Jew, Gentile, Greek, Black, White, Male or Female!


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